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Welding and Engineering

Supported by a large fleet of diesel powered welders, inverters and specialist welding equipment we offer diesel welders from 200amp to 600amp. We can support all applications within the construction, industrial and offshore industries.

  • Diesel Welders 200amp to 600amp.
  • Mig Welding and Torches, Tig Welders and Torches.
  • Petrol Welders.
  • Welder Generators.
  • Full range of ancillaries.
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Supported by technical expertise take advantage of our lifting offering that allows us to support you in undertaking a wide range of lifting projects. Hire or purchase we will only be too happy to help. Our team will manage the process for you from enquiry to installation and certification.

  • Material Lift and Accessories.
  • Kerb and Stone Handling.
  • Skates, Hoists and Gantries.
  • Lifting Beams.
  • Winching and Pulling.
  • Jacks and Cylinders.
  • Chain Hoists.
  • Slings and accessaries.